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Light shades and bright tones: color trends in spring and summer of 2019

Light shades and bright tones: color trends in spring and summer of 2019

Issue Time:2019-08-21

Autumn has come! It's time to put away your dark sweaters and jackets to make room for the new color trends of the fall and winter of 2019. Soft tones, fluorescent, and bright colors are ready to make you live in the crazy fall!

Pastel - is your wardrobe, the color of autumn and winter 2019!
In every summer, soft tones are becoming more and more a white substitute. On the menu of autumn and winter color trends in 2019, we will inevitably find pistachio green, powdery pink, yellowish and so on. Soft colors let their appearance magnify your tanned skin after enjoying the first rays of the sun. Because, when removing the landmines that are harassed in winter, the pale white tone becomes a true ally!

Some people have a soft pink look, such as pink-pink trousers or a light yellow midi dress. Others will be satisfied with one or two rooms in the autumn and winter of 2019 to illuminate their tanned skin. For example, this soft pink T-shirt with a high-waist denim skirt or shorts creates a charming street style!

To complete your look in the autumn and winter colors of 2019, or just to save a little soft tones, play with accessories: Loafers, scarves, necklaces, wallets and more.

Without hesitation, succumb to the basic light color, which is still essential for a balanced wardrobe: peach, nude, sky blue, beige, etc.

Fall and winter colors in 2019 add life to your look!
Completely opposite to the soft tones, fluo is effective as the second color trend for the fall and winter of 2019. Stylish yellow vest? Not necessarily...because, in addition to fluorescent yellow, orange, green and glitter roses also have a place in the closet!

While the overall neon look is easier when you're a fashion icon, you can still use it for a beach skirt or a one-piece swimsuit. If not, choose neon lights with accessories or neon lights with light tones.

Just to warn you now: the tanned skin is a prerequisite for wearing style! If you don't have a chance to wear a shirt in the sun, it's best to focus on the bright colors! They will give you some encouragement without wearing fluorescent light. Bright red, green and vitamin yellow are the perfect colors for the autumn and winter of 2019, bringing a sparkling sun effect!

In short, soft, fluorescent and explosive tones share the color trends of the autumn and winter of 2019. Make choices and combine them to create a sparkling summer look. Anyway, one thing is certain: the style of autumn and winter of 2019 is varied and colorful!

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