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Outdoor travel, how to choose the right jacket?

Outdoor travel, how to choose the right jacket?

Issue Time:2019-08-07

In such a season, wearing a jacket to experience the outdoors and enjoy nature is the most appropriate. But my friends know how to choose a good jacket? Today KAWASAHI-SPORTS comes to answer the secret of choosing a jacket. Jacket customization

For the purchase of Jackets, the tailor-made overalls are focused on the choice of water resistance and moisture permeability. A superior performance jacket can prevent the wolf friends from being wet by the rain in the bad weather, and the temperature is caused by the water cold effect. And in the high-intensity outdoor travel, the sweat will be volatilized faster, thus ensuring the body's dryness and having a comfortable and pleasant trip.


First, waterproof

1. First, we should simply understand the index of water-proof or not: When the water column of 10000mm is pressed on the fabric, the water oozing from the fabric within 24 hours does not exceed 3 drops, then we think that the waterproof index of this garment is 10000mm.

2. The higher the waterproof index, the stronger the waterproof performance. The key to selecting which indicator of the jacket is to look at your actual needs, the best is the right one.


3. If it is only used for inter-city travel and daily outdoor wear, the waterproof index can be 3000-5000mm; if it is a quasi-professional outdoor hiking, camping or crossing activities, the waterproof jacket with a waterproof index of 6000-8000mm is enough to cope with it; However, if you need to go to the more difficult natural environment for professional mountaineering, adventure and other outdoor activities, it is best to choose a waterproof pants with a waterproof index of 10000mm or more.

Second, moisture permeability

1, different from people often say that the jacket is custom-made breathability, moisture permeability refers to the ability of the fabric to process the heat and moisture (water vapor), that is, the extent to which sweat penetrates the clothes and evaporates into the air. When people are traveling outdoors, the surface of the skin will be cooled by the evaporation of sweat, and at the same time, certain water vapor will be generated. If the water vapor is not removed, it will be extremely hot and not beneficial to human health.


2, the better the moisture permeability of the jacket, the wearing comfort is also superior. If a jacket has a moisture permeability of 5000, it means that the fabric of the jacket can pass 5000 grams of water vapor per square meter for 24 hours.


3. If the wolf friends feel that the previous description is too abstract, then this experiment can be used to help understand: fill the water with a large enough pot, seal with the fabric, and then heat the pot. When the water boils, the water vapor will pass through the fabric. After the venting, after 24 hours, the heating was stopped and the weight of the remaining water was recorded. The weight of the remaining water is subtracted from the weight of the original water. This value is the moisture permeability of the fabric.


Have you learned the key points of high-quality jackets? If you understand it, hurry up and take advantage of the good weather in autumn and winter, wear a jacket, and make friends with friends, and stay close to nature and go out outdoors.
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