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What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your sweater?

What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your sweater?

Issue Time:2019-07-08
Many companies customize their shirts for their own teams, but today's young people are no longer satisfied with traditional suits or formal uniforms. They demand that shirts be comfortable, stylish and different. At the same time, their customization needs will be different in different seasons.

In the hot summer, the first choice for group customization is the T-shirt, but in the spring and autumn, group customization is more inclined to customize the sweater. At the same time, T-shirts and sweaters are very versatile and undressed, and the most important thing is that the printable area of T-shirts and sweaters is very large. This can meet the different customization needs of different groups.

However, at present, many small enterprises produce custom clothing with a low degree of professionalism, and the quality of the clothes produced is generally high, which may cause employees to dislike the clothes that the company spends a lot of time and effort to customize. So what should the company pay attention to when customizing clothes? Let employees like it too. Let's take the custom of sweater as an example.

1, sweater custom style

Style is a very important point for sweater customization. Different companies will have different needs for different styles. Generally speaking, it is necessary to determine the style of the sweater before the customization, and the style will be adjusted according to the temperature of different seasons. Plush sweaters are a very popular style in winter, and plush sweaters can also be divided into hooded and zippered. A zipper can increase the use of the sweater, and once we feel a little hot, we can pull the zipper apart. The sweater with the hat is not used much for the actual use scene, but the hat can make the sweater less monotonous and more fashionable. Therefore, for young people who are pursuing fashion and fashion, hooded sweaters are more passionate and creative.

In the spring and autumn season, the temperature will be relatively mild, then you can choose a thin sweater, the style can also be divided into a cap and a zipper, the specific difference can refer to the top plus Sweater. In addition to this, there are basic models, which can be distinguished according to actual use.

2, sweater custom price

The price of the sweater is customized, and the price is the most important point for the company. After all, the budget is there. The custom-made price of the sweater is mainly composed of the cost of the bottom shirt and the printing cost. Therefore, in order to choose the custom sweater, the company needs to consider the printing cost in addition to the price of the bottom shirt.

3, sweater custom process

The corporate culture shirt is called the cultural shirt, because it is printed on the clothes to carry a corporate culture, the target or the brand-related intangible assets. And the printing pattern directly affects the employee's recognition of the clothing, and the printing process will directly affect the appearance of the whole clothing pattern. Yasenman has a wide range of printing techniques. Screen printing and heat transfer are the most popular. Luminous and fluorescent are also popular among young people. Pearl, flocking and suede foam are more suitable for low-key and simple. Style people. Enterprises need to combine their own print patterns when customizing sweaters, and then consider which process to use, in order to customize the effect that employees like.

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