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How to test the T-shirt online? What is the difference between M and L?

How to test the T-shirt online? What is the difference between M and L?

Issue Time:2019-07-05

For T-shirts, the worst experience on the Internet is that you can't try it on. If you can't buy it, you can't wear it. It's not big or small, especially for custom T-shirts. The custom-made pattern can't be changed.

In fact, this problem can also be solved. If you only buy one piece separately, there is no pattern printed on the T-shirt. Generally, it can be exchanged.

How to test the T-shirt online?

If you are customizing in bulk, but also to print the pattern on the T-shirt, it is best to let the merchant send the sample to come over the test number in advance, so as not to print the pattern at the time, the number is wrong, there is no way to change it, because it is printed. The patterned clothes cannot be sold twice.

However, the T-shirt is not very picky about the figure. Like our colleagues, the three models of the same T-shirt can be worn and fit well. This is because the gap between each type is not big. And some people feel different about the upper body of the clothes.

Some people like to be close to the body, some people like to loose, and each merchant will provide a size chart, which also depends on their own.

T-shirt size
What is the difference between the M code and the L code?

The M code, usually a medium number, corresponds to a number 163-168. On the T-shirt collar is generally 165

The L code is large and the corresponding digital identifier is 168-172. The collar is 170.

Through the above comparison, we know that the gap between the M code and the L code is not very large. Generally speaking, each number is progressively advanced by about 3CM.

When we buy clothes, try to buy big and not buy small,

Different merchants have different types of numbers. Although some clothes are marked with M number, the actual size of the clothes may be large or small. Therefore, after looking at a certain item, it is recommended to consult the merchant before deciding the number. type.

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