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What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your football uniform?

What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your football uniform?

Issue Time:2019-07-05
Where can I make a football jersey? What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your football uniform? Professional custom football uniform football club jersey
What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your football uniform?
Dimensions must be suitable. Appropriate loose points. Finally, your own color preferences.

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What should you pay attention to in football? What are the precautions for playing football?
Football is a ball-type fitness program that is full of passion and obsession. Playing football not only can exercise, but also enhance your ability to cooperate. But there are still some security risks in football. So what are the precautions for playing football? What about football maintenance and football skills? Let's take a look at the problem together.

As the football match is played, the venue is large, the players are more, and the body is prone to some collisions. Here are some tips for playing football. I hope to help everyone.
Things you must pay attention to when playing football

1. Prepare for the activity and don't kick it directly. Prepare the activity for at least 10 minutes. You can jog for a while, move your ankles and knees, let the body sweat slightly, pull out the joints and ligaments, and use the joints used in all sports such as squats, knees, wrists and hips. Have to be active.

Those who have not exercised for a long time must do a good job of preparing for the event. In this way, it not only contributes to the efficiency of muscle activity and the lubrication of joints, but also prevents sports injuries.

2. Because of the running movement during exercise, the range of technical movements and the amount of sweating are relatively large, so exercise, loose, breathable, sweat-absorbent sportswear, in addition to participating in the official competition, usually not suitable for wearing football Match shoes (skin nails) to prevent unnecessary damage to yourself or others. If you are playing a more formal game, it is recommended that you wear a leg protector and other protective gear. Don't be too desperate when you kick, the hot days, the meaning is right.

3. Try not to exercise in places where the site facilities do not meet the requirements. The site is uneven, gravel and debris (runway, bunker), it is easy to cause students ankle sprain, periosteal injury, Achilles tendon injury.

4. Replenish moisture in time. Put the water on the sidelines, drink a little when you feel thirsty. It doesn't matter if you drink a few more times. Don't wait until you are too tired to drink a lot at a time.

Remember not to drink iced drinks for a long time with ice cream. Do not drink raw or cold water. The cool mineral water is. After exercise, you can drink some small sports drinks or salt water.

5. Although football is an “all-weather” sport, try to avoid exercising in bad weather. Pay attention to prevent heatstroke, cramps or collapse when the temperature is hot and humid.

Keep warm during low temperature and humidity to prevent frostbite. At dusk, dawn (especially foggy days), due to lack of light, low visibility, slow nerve response, reduced excitability, and high damage. Rain and rain are also important causes of damage.

7, take a cold shower immediately after exercise is more harm than good. Due to the strengthening of the body's metabolic process during exercise, the subcutaneous blood vessels dilate and sweat a lot.

Immediately after exercise, take a cold shower, so that a lot of heat generated in the body can not be well distributed, forming an internal heat and cold, destroying the balance of the human body, which is easy to get sick. The correct way is to take a break after exercise (take the pulse back to normal) and take a shower and take a warm bath.

8. Finally, remind you to try to play in the weaker hours of the morning or evening, and if your skills are not enough, don't deliberately imitate the difficult movements of the stars, otherwise you will not say it. It’s a shame that mistakes have been learned and work!

Improve the practice of fast dribble

Quick foot exercise exercises can experience and improve the rhythm of the action and the sense of the ball on the feet. Here are a few ways to practice the action of the fast foot. I hope to share it with friends who also like football.

Exercise 1. Turn the ball from the left foot to the right foot, then from the right foot to the left foot, and advance the ball with a snake. This will exercise the ability to control the ball in progress.

Exercise 2. Use the inside of the left foot to pull the ball, change the direction of the body, and gently touch the ball again. Then use the right side of the right foot to carry out the ball practice. This improves the ability to shift the ball.

Exercise 3. Pull the ball to the inside of the left foot and instep with the right toe. After gently touching the ball, pull the left toe to the right.

Exercise 4. Use the inside of the right foot to kick the ball and roll it horizontally (actually, the "smashing ball" that fans often say). After touching the ball again, use the left foot. When doing this exercise, be sure to roll the ball horizontally after the ball is turned. If the ball rolls diagonally forward, the ball will fail because it is easy for the defender to break the ball.
Exercise 5, the right foot and the sole of the foot pull the ball backwards, after the right foot touches the ball twice, it is changed to the left foot and practiced in place. This action is often used when the ball is protected, so friends who are physically strong or who are kicking forward should practice more.
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