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What do we need to know about custom sportswear?

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What do we need to know about custom sportswear?

Issue Time:2019-05-20
Sportswear customizationMany people like to wear sportswear, because the comfort of sportswear, because the sportswear is simple and generous, because sportswear is suitable for a variety of occasions, so it is respected by many people, then we need to know what to do in custom sportswear.
Sportswear customization
Sportswear mostly uses chemical fiber, especially polyester, and polypropylene. It is a water-repellent fiber. It absorbs very little water, but through capillary effect, it can absorb along the pores of the fiber itself and the gap between the fiber and the fiber. And conduct moisture. This is a feature of sportswear. The reason why such chemical fiber fabrics absorb moisture and perspiration is that after it absorbs sweat, the sweat spreads very quickly and can evaporate quickly on the other side of the fabric.

Sportswear customization
In addition to the moisture wicking properties, another reason for the choice of chemical fiber fabrics for sportswear is that these shaped cross-sections of chemical fiber fabrics have the characteristics of being difficult to fit. When the chemical fiber is processed into a profiled section, its own flexural modulus is increased. This is another characteristic of sportswear, so it is not easy to fit after moisture absorption, and it does not make people's skin feel wet.
Sportswear customization
From the perspective of sportswear, first of all, different sports have different requirements for style, color and appearance. Secondly, sportswear can't affect people's movements, and it must be able to make full use of people's athletic ability. Therefore, it is necessary to select materials of suitable performance according to different sports to produce. The characteristics of sportswear such as swimming can use shark-like fabrics; while cycling, gymnastics, skating, skiing, these sportswear must have a certain elasticity in addition to bright colors.

We often see multi-layer fabrics in the sportswear market, with different fabric layers with different functionalities. In fact, many years ago, there was a polyester-cotton fabric on the market, with cotton inside and polyester outside, to achieve a close-fitting comfort. Nowadays, the fabric used in sportswear on the market is to reverse the position of chemical fiber and cotton. The cotton is placed outside and the chemical fiber is placed inside. This is also to enhance moisture wicking and dry performance.Sportswear direct sales manufacturers

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