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How to wear a T-shirt to make a difference, is the T-shirt custom made simple?

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How to wear a T-shirt to make a difference, is the T-shirt custom made simple?
Issue Time:2019-08-16
T-shirts are really a god-like existence for hot weather. And its importance to men has to be upgraded, because men's singles can not be as undressed as the girls, the tube top is irregular, so pick and choose, the boys' hot weather is suitable for playing handsome and cool There is only a T-shirt.
T-shirt custom
How to wear a T-shirt to make a difference, is the T-shirt custom made simple?

Other areas are okay, like the hot weather in the coastal areas is so long, after a month of wearing, there will actually be a situation where you don’t know how to wear it every morning. Because most people's wardrobe T-shirts come and go a few things, although every day change, but it is inevitable boring. All T-shirt customization is a good way to change the status quo, so how to choose fabrics when customizing?

It may be that in many people's minds, T-shirts can only be cotton, but even if they are all cotton, they also have different wearing experiences and feels. Of course, it is not recommended that you choose a T-shirt with chemical fiber fabrics. The breathability and comfort are very general, which is not very suitable for hot weather.

T-shirt custom
However, cotton also has some drawbacks, that is, it is easy to deform and shrink, but if you choose a quality T-shirt, these drawbacks will be reduced a lot. So don't look at T-shirts. The price is different.

The most common cotton on the market today is combed cotton and ring-spun cotton. In fact, it is comfortable enough to wear. If the best is high cotton, the price will naturally be more expensive than ordinary T-shirts.

Combed cotton T-shirts are generally soft and not too thick. It is softer and smoother than it should be mercerized cotton. Although it is comfortable and breathable, it is easy to show the style and color.

T-shirt customization sends the pattern to the merchant after selecting the style fabric. The rest can wait for the finished product, which is a very simple process.

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